Winter Series – fun in the sun!

Kicera, Leverone and Mills lined up at NOLA.














Lots to catch you up on, so let’s get to it!

Homestead-Miami Speedway, SCCA Major, Jan. 5-8. Whit Gregg, Joe Schubert, and Hugh McHaffie all drove. We welcomed Tyler Kicera to the team, too; he ran the 89 rental in SM. Tyler’s one of the nation’s fastest Miata pilots, and we’re always looking for ways to make our cars faster. He’s already proved invaluable! Company president Nick Leverone finished first Saturday and second Sunday in STL. Hugh took 3rd Sunday, and Whit enjoyed a double-dip weekend. In SM, Tyler finished 10th Saturday and 9th Sunday, with Nick 11th and 15th.

Sebring, SCCA Majors/Hoosier Super Tour, Jan. 12-15. In STL, Leverone finished 2nd Sat by .015 of a second to our friend Danny Steyn, then won Sunday. Craig McHaffie finished 4th both days, while Tim Estes was 5th in his RX-7. Matt Koskinen, running the T3 class in his 2016 Mazda Global Cup car, had some teething problems: a blown transmission in testing, a battery malfunction that kept him out of race 1, and a broken motor mount that ended his weekend. In SM, Nick finished 11th and 15th. Sunday was a rough race – it seemed Leverone got hit by everyone, and we have no idea how he got back to 15th! Amy Mills was 33rd and 39th in the stacked field. Whit was 45th both days, Craig 43rd and 35th, and Joe 66th and 57th.

Sebring, SCCA Cabin Fever Regional, Feb. 11-12. Craig McHaffie overcame some problems to win Sunday’s STL race – well done! Amy Mills finished 6th and 3rd; renter David Quinlan took 8th and 6th; and Whit, Hugh, and new renter Matt Williamson (welcome!) all had strong finishes battling each other – on Sunday, Whit took 9th, Hugh 10th, and Matt 11th. Good intramural stuff! In SM, Amy finished 4th and 3rd, David snared a top-10, Whit took 11th and 10th, Hugh had a 12th and a DNS, and Matt came in 19th and 16th. Spec Miata was 46 cars deep – amazing for a regional!

NOLA Motorsports Park, SCCA Majors/Hoosier Super Tour, March 3-5. As we blogged recently, Leverone took both STL races, setting a track record, while Craig came in 3rd and 2nd. Once again, Whit, Joe, and Hugh went at it hammer and tongs. In SM, Tyler Kicera qualified 3rd on Saturday; he wound up in the top 10.  Amy, Whit, Joe, and Hugh finished well and had fun races. Everyone enjoyed the track. In Sunday’s race, Mills had a great qualifier but got spun early. Tyler was 5th and Leverone 11th.

Next up? Texas, for a big weekend at Circuit of the Americas. Then spring kicks in and we’re off to New Jersey Motorsports Park for an SCCA driving school, followed by an SCCA Majors events at VIR April 13th-16th and the NJMP 12-hour the following weekend.