Runoffs roll call: 11 (!) Flatout cars

Breakfast of champions! Also lunch and dinner.

The crew at the shop is chugging lots of Monster and Red Bull these days. That’s because next month, we’ll be bringing no fewer than 11 cars to the SCCA Runoffs at Virginia International Raceway. Here’s the roster:

  • Amy Mills: SM and STL
  • Whitfield Gregg: SM, STL, STU (the Iron Man is doing the Hat Trick again!)
  • Eric Thompson: STU, STL, T1 (Iron Man Jr.!)
  • Joe Schubert: SM, STL
  • Joe Stadelmann: SM, STL
  • Hugh McHaffie: STL
  • Craig McHaffie: STL
  • Nick Leverone: SM, T4

We can’t wait for the Big Dance!