Our wide variety of rentals

If you’re reading this, you probably associate Flatout Motorsports with Mazda, and specifically with Miatas. And that’s great! We’re proud of our close relationship with Mazda Motorsports, and count us among those who believe the Miata is the roadracing miracle of the past 30 years.

But we’re not a Mazda-only shop or rental firm, not by a longshot. And many casual fans and racers may not realize just how many possibilities Miatas present. So we thought we’d run down our present list of rental rides, along with their SCCA classes.

What’s the right car for you? Depends on your experience level, the track, and your goals! Contact us to talk about it and reserve your seat.

  • Start with our non-Mazda: we have available a Subaru BRZ that is very competitive in T4
  • We have a pair of originals – 1.6-liter Miatas for Spec Miata fun
  • We’ve also got a 1.8-liter 1994 Miata if you want to race an NA with a little more grunt
  • With NBs often running up front in bigtime SM races, we have two ’99 rental Miatas
  • Finally, we have available a fully developed ’99 optimized for STL competition