Fantastic weekend at Palmer Motorsports Park

Weather aside, we New England racers are a fortunate group, with several new race tracks having recently joined old standbys New Hampshire Motor Speedway and Lime Rock.

Palmer Motorsports Park has quickly become one of our favorites, and the SCCA Regional races held there May 5-7 showed why, with a family atmosphere, much fun, and a bunch of great stories like these:

Keith and Ann Hammitte were excited to be back behind the wheel of their BMWs after taking a year off. The amazing husband-wife team always kick butt and have fun!

Joe Stadelmann, veteran racer and longtime Friend of Flatout, enjoyed running his Porsche 944 with the FOM team. After many years of doing all his own work, Joe is now taking advantage of our Arrive & Drive services. And guess what? Joe swept the podium, winning the ITS races on both Saturday and Sunday.

Doug Fisher, pictured here, laid down killer qualifying times keeping him in the front of the field in both STL and SM. Doug finished in the top 8 in both classes Saturday and Sunday, waging tight battles all over the track.

Company prez Nick Leverone ran our Number 00 rental car on Sunday, starting last and finishing 2nd in both SM2 and SM.

Craig McHaffie set the STL track record on Saturday in his Flatout-built MX-5. He ran away from the field, leaving nobody any chance! Unfortunately, on Sunday he fought a failing gearbox that ended his race early.

John Williamson, 80 years old (!), used to autocross back in the day and decided he wanted to get his competition racing license. John was absolutely thrilled with how much fun he had on track, and consistently dropped seconds off his lap times! Before going out for his first qualifying session, John sliced his finger open. No worries, though: Flatout’s Jody Leverone wrapped it up on grid, and when John emerged after the session, he was all smiles!

Ray Kobs, a first-time renter, enjoyed a fun test day, learning Palmer in the rain on Friday. The practice proved successful, with a great day of racing on Saturday! Like John, Ray kept getting quicker and quicker … and thanks to New England Region SCCA there were lots of cars on the track for everyone to race against!

Big thanks to everyone who crewed: Nick, Jody, Adam Desrosiers, Dave Goulet, and Nick Ustin. The meat of the season is upon us – we’ll barely come up for air until November!