Did you know we work on street cars too?

This roadgoing NC Miata is gorgeous, we’re sure you’ll agree – but man, it’s too tall! Looks like it’s ready for rock-crawling duty.

Never fear, though: The car’s in for an altitude adjustment in the form of a coil-over kit.

Flatout Motorsports has a quarter-century racing heritage, so not everybody realizes we’ve been modifying and tuning street cars since our earliest days. Lots of folks bring us their dailies and track toys for suspension work, brakes, rollbars, high-performance seats, chips, exhausts, turbo installs, and general maintenance.

And while Miatas are certainly our bread and butter, we’re not a Mazda-only shop by any means. Hondas, Porsches, BMWs, Corvettes, Mustangs – any marque, any nation of origin, we’ll work on it and do the job right. Contact us to set up an appointment!