Builds builds builds!

toyotaBWe’ve hit the heart of the racing season, so new-car builds are over until next winter, right?

Wrong! We’ve got a bunch of cool builds either in progress or just out of the shop. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • The car featured here is an incredible Toyota Celica All-Trac Turbo for hotshoe client Eric Thompson. Eric will run the car in SCCA’s STU and T1 classes. Can’t wait to see this AWD beast run, especially in the rain.
  • We just rolled out fresh Miatas for clients Bill Finsilver and JT Coupal (who immediately landed on the Podium at Thompson Speedway!).
  • We’re putting the finishing touches on a MazdaSpeed Turbo (aka a Porsche Cayman Killer) for Doug Fambrough, who will campaign the car at Monticello Motorsports Park.
  • Finally, we’ve got a build with your name on it: a sweet new Flatout Motorsports rental Miata!

See our Builds page for more info, or just contact us!

We’ll leave you with an engine-bay shot of that turbo Toyota …