2 top tens for Leverone at a great Runoffs!

The 2017 SCCA Runoffs are in the books, and what a great event. Before we talk results, how about a hand for the guys shown here – the greatest crew in the world! L to R: Andrew Burke, Kyle Santos, Adam Desrosiers, Nick Leverone, Dave Goulet.

Flatout president Leverone had a spectacular week, driving a pair of machines you can rent anytime. Nick notched a strong 10th-place finish in the massive Spec Miata class, then followed with a 6th in STL. Craig McHaffie also broke into the top 10 in STL; he and Nick were the top non-Honda, non-FWD cars in that race. Amy Mills took 21st in STL, Eric Thompson 25th, and Whit Gregg 39th, with Joe Schubert a DNS.

Like Leverone, Mills (42nd), Schubert (47th), and Whit Gregg (54th) ran SM. So did Tyler Kicera, who was in the top 5 until a mechanical took him out. Whit also ran T4, finishing 18th!

Thompson was a busy man; he competed in STU, with an unfortunate mechanical knocking him out, and in T1, where he notched an excellent 15th.

Like all major race weeks, this one had heartaches – one of our cars got hit hard during a test day, for crying out loud – moments of triumph, and lots of laughs. An all-time great event!